legal advice

The bureaucracy and laws that affect the transmission of properties in Spain are more and more complex as time passes. They require as well to be updated on the constant changes that are always introduced “since yesterday”.

Not consulting a proper assessor in the areas that are our speciality, like purchase or sale of properties, inheritances, wills, request mortgages, make tax declarations, etc often have unexpected and unpleasant consequences, which in most cases are discovered when time has passed and there is no easy solution.

Our long experience, both in the Spanish bureaucratic system and the law that apply from other countries such as Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, etc permits us to solve the great majority of operations related to property in Spain.

Our motto is to be meticulous and not leave space for surprises. We put ourselves in the worst case scenario and take all the precautions, giving the necessary warnings and informing of the possible options. Our clients do not need us to be optimistic. This they can do by themselves.

We do all the transactions with total clarity and peace of mind for our clients, who often do not realise how complex the system is here in Spain, so they can just take care of doing what they deserve, simply to enjoy their property.