Taking an insurance is a more complex task than it could seem. Not only is the price a relevant matter. More and more, prices and covers are adapted to the necessities of the client.

When time comes to claim from the insurance company, there are often several ways to look at and valuate a damage. It is common that insurance companies look at it the way that suits them best.

It is therefore very important to count on an intermediary agent, who obviously cannot guaranty the payment of all claims, but who can defend the interests of the clients as far as the clauses of the contract permit, and most important of all, to supervise that the process of the indemnification takes place correctly and without unnecessary delays.

In Andersen Ruiz Consulting we can offer a wide variety of products from several companies, like Zurich, Ges, Liberty and Fiatc, which we know in detail, what makes us able to defend the rights of our clients.