Andersen Ruiz Consulting S.L. is a Danish-Spanish family business that consists of the espouses Finn Strerup Andersen and Eloisa Ruiz de Alba (Andersen & Ruiz) and their son Christian Andersen, together with the rest of the staff, Alfredo, Oscar and Christian who speak English, Spanish and Danish

It began more than 40 years ago, when Finn was offered a job in a Spanish bank, and with his Spanish wife became permanent residents in Spain. Soon after, it was supplemented with an insurance agency that extended to a full time business in a centrical office in Fuengirola.

A big demand for service pushed us to give advice on purchase and sale of properties, and legal advice on wills, inheritances, tax declarations and nearly everything.

We work with 4 different insurance companies in order to find the best prices for our client’s different needs